dancing baby

One particularly inspired move is the "Diaper Drop."
"Today's ruling sends a strong message that copyright law does not authorize thoughtless censorship of lawful speech."
When life gets you down, there's really only one perfect solution: Watching this adorable little girl in a tutu dance to
Everyone knows what to do when the beat drops. Even a sleeping baby. (h/t: Elite Daily)
Baby Uzi has already learned one of life's most important lessons: when you hear banjo music, you bounce. Understandably
This dancing baby video is what we call art. Brooklyn-based modern dance choreographer Alexandra Beller struck gold when
Move over "Single Ladies" baby, there's a new contender for best dancing baby on the web. Meet Barnold. Although he wasn't
Pantera baby was born metal, man. He's been headbanging and throwing up the sign of the horns since the womb. No really, check
This Brazilian baby can do a mean samba. He's taking the internet by storm, and his moves are so good that many are beginning