dancing dog

The pooch appears to enjoy the gentle rubdown and kicks her feet to the beat. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good tickle
In Kazakhstan, there exists a dog who is in dire need of four legwarmers. Not because it's cold, but because there is 80s
It's Friday, so let's all dance like a Bulldog. What does a Bulldog dance look like? It looks exactly like this. Enjoy.
This dog is pretty obedient. He's doing exactly what the lyrics of Eminem's "Shake That" tell him to do. That, or he's scratching
Sloopy the chihuahua just wants a little attention... and that plate of Thanksgiving turkey on the counter. With sweet moves
Humans can be pretty good at dancing sometimes, but we are by no means the best that Earth has to offer. It might be hard
The Merengue dancing dog that has been making the rounds on the Internet this week is really a sight to see. The way that
The Internet is pretty partial to cat videos, but every once in a while a pup comes along and steals the show. Today, that's