Dancing with the Stars American TV series

After his "Dancing With the Stars" elimination, Brown defended his friendship with Trump's former press secretary, saying he's been "planting seeds in his heart."
The "Queer Eye" star said his recent performance on "Dancing With the Stars" was an emotional one following his reconciliation with his dad.
"I knew those chairs were gonna be trouble," host Tom Bergeron said after the popular judge took a backward tumble.
The supermodel responded that she was "totally shocked" by the accusation that she scammed her daughter's way onto the show.
Talk show host Wendy Williams also has a theory about the “freak accident” that caused the model to drop out of “Dancing With the Stars.”
The Fab 5 star is under fire for calling his controversial “Dancing With The Stars” co-contestant "a good guy."
"Great job normalizing a white supremacist administration, guys," one Twitter user fired back in response to the former White House press secretary's new gig.