Danell Leyva

While not all of the Team USA Latino favorites were able to stand on that coveted podium, these athletes will return home
Every stepparent has been asked the inevitable question: "Do you love your step child like your own? Isn't it different than the love you feel for your biological child?" We finally have a spokesperson.
Miami’s golden boy Danell Leyva, now an Olympic bronze medalist, arrived home Wednesday night to a throng of proud family
Lochte's mom recently spoke with NBC's "Today," ostensibly to chat about her son's athletic prowess, but somewhere along
"One aunt went to go buy a towel, and the other one went to her house to get a towel for me because I wanted something to
So we thought we'd thank the parents of these latino olympians in our own way. If Ryan Lochte's mom makes it clear that behind
Who could resist tuning in to the opening ceremony of the Summer Games this past Friday? With the bombast, bright lights
Now it's London's time. And while you're all wondering how the Brits will manage to top the Chineses' spectacle, you should
Down here in South Florida, we grow NFL athletes like Kudzu. Our NBA title-winning team has two hometown players. And we're