Danell Leyva

And he wants more Latino men to self-identify as feminists.
This is the ultimate story of redemption. 🙌
Their stories have inspired. Their performances amazed. Their achievements are a reason why Latinos can say: Sí Se Puede
Every stepparent has been asked the inevitable question: "Do you love your step child like your own? Isn't it different than the love you feel for your biological child?" We finally have a spokesperson.
View more videos at: http://nbcmiami.com. Miami’s golden boy Danell Leyva, now an Olympic bronze medalist, arrived home Wednesday
Lochte's mom recently spoke with NBC's "Today," ostensibly to chat about her son's athletic prowess, but somewhere along
Shortly after the segment aired, this tweet appeared on the Towel's account: "I am Danell Leyva's Towel, the true star of
The London Olympic Games has triggered a migration of hundreds of U.S. athletes across the Atlantic, and the company behind
Speaking of Brazil, their big star of the moment is Rodrigo Pessoa. The equestrian extraordinaire already has four gold medals