dangerous driving

Researchers have tested shift workers' reactions in a real car -- and the results are compelling.
There are many things to fear in Tanzania besides Ebola. These include malaria, typhoid fever, food poisoning and traffic accidents. In two of the largest cities in the country, driving--or walking--is very dangerous.
A recent report on the national news only confirmed what many of us have known: Driving has not just gotten worse; it's become extremely dangerous. Indeed, it's completely out of hand.
In one YouTube video purporting to show King al-Nazeem at work, several young men hang out of car windows, firing weapons
Matt Sampson shows us how bad weather effects driving. Read more on weather.com
The "It Can Wait" hackathon is part of AT&T's campaign to discourage distracted driving. The initial two-day hackathon Sept
In Québec, however, they've turned couch surfing into a bloodsport. Quebec cops said that the 21-year-old driver of the van
It only takes a short break in concentration for the unthinkable to happen. Fact of the matter is, if you're not paying 100 percent attention to the road, you are gambling with your life and the lives of others.