Dani Shapiro

Honest, powerful and moving, these real-life stories are as gripping as a novel.
Here is Brown, using her huge national platform at a supposedly feminist website, to remind other women that their personal stories don't matter, but if they are going to bother to try to write anyway, they should just write like a man.
In one of the writing classes she teaches, author Dani Shapiro asked her students to write down their most mortifying thought
It took a major shift in perspective for Shapiro to give herself permission to be authentic and true -- namely a car crash
"So you're blessed to have that restlessness," Oprah says. That restless yearning kept Shapiro awake at night, she tells
Growing up in a strict and traditional household, bestselling author Dani Shapiro says her religious beliefs stemmed from
Where are we if we're judged for having things look too perfect, but then don't want to be in the pictures if we're less than perfect?
I love my husband, my house, my work, my kids. But, like most writers, I fantasize about a room of one's own, a place where the cell phone doesn't ring and nobody knocks on my door.
Do any of us have perfect lives? Or do we carefully curate our public personas, keeping our true selves safe, hidden from view?
What if living fully in the present meant that even the most mundane events could become sacred? Dani Shapiro, author of