daniel bell

Just because he's white, doesn't mean Daniel Bell can't be considered Chinese.
Francis Fukuyama dealt a blow to Hegelian dialectics when he wrote The End of History and the Last Man and before that the
There’s something about personal exposure to great and inspiring minds that can touch the soul.
"The wall between machines and humans, between computer science and biology, is collapsing and I think the next century and probably the future of life itself will be shaped by this algorithmic view of the world."
BEIJING -- "A person with Barack Obama's pre-presidential professional experience would not even be the manager of a small county in China's system."
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We should recognize that children are far more resilient than we believe they are. Love, and honesty, go a very long way, even with severe social and personal stress. And thankfully we're mostly past all that Freudian nonsense about absent fathers and clinging or refrigerator mothers.
Vampire movies and television programmes may be all the rage right now, but not one of them has anything on a good old-fashioned audience of Republican debate watchers.