daniel cooney fine art

An exploration of 20 photographers, from the 19th century to the present, who explore liberation and transgression.
Photographer Arlene Gottfried captures a vibrant neighborhood that's since faded from view.
Juan Betancurth and Benjamin Fredrickson's uncanny images depict a mother-son relationship warped over time.
Over time, Gottfried's visual diary has accrued additional meaning, as relics of a New York that, in many ways, no longer
7.) Blayze (Filipino, Chinese, Irish, Spanish) We barely bat an eye when we see a new photography project centered around
Somewhere between the banal and a bacchanal, Rob Matthews finds his inspiration. His drawings depict haunting symbols mingling
Photographer Lydia Anne McCarthy's new show, Refraction, at Daniel Cooney Fine Art is "a series of portraits made with refracted