Daniel Dale

The Fox News personalities' claim quickly fell apart under the lightest of scrutiny.
"There's just so much ugly garbage to sift through before you can make a decision," admitted Daniel Dale.
A CNN fact-checker took down President Donald Trump after he spouted lie after lie at a Georgia rally.
Daniel Dale said Trump is living in an “alternate universe” with his lies right now.
Daniel Dale told the president's eldest son that "it’s just objective and obvious fact" that Donald Trump is "a staggeringly incessant liar."
"This is a new lying level even for him," said Daniel Dale.
CNN reporters took the Texas Republican to task for his false tweet.
"I have never seen him lie more thoroughly and more egregiously."
Dale also pointed out that the plan “has been telegraphed for literally months by the people now doing it.”
“It was just on and on,” Daniel Dale said of the president's lies during the last debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.