daniel donovan

Rep. Daniel Donovan says it's time to give Merrick Garland a break.
Unless the Staten Island Grand Jury that investigated the killing learned something radically different than what the public saw on the clearly incriminating video, many concerned citizens must wonder why Pantaleo and his fellow officers were not indicted for the homicide.
I saw drones and battle tanks; I could very well have been in a war zone. I guess, in a sense, I was. I was in a space where large groups of Black lives were gathered in a system that is designed to respond to Black lives with violence. I know that I speak for Ms. McSpadden and Mr. Brown Sr. when I tell you to never stop fighting, and that we are grateful.
Representing public advocate James, attorney Matthew Brinckerhoff argued in court Tuesday that there is a “perception of
Special elections often get a lot of media attention and political pundits certainly prognosticate about the meaning of the results. But don't be fooled by the political clamor, special elections are actually pretty typical contests.
Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner, said that she felt “like the same scenario that happened in Baltimore also happened with my
Clearly the South Carolina Supreme Court did the right thing by assigning a special prosecutor to the Walter Scott case. And if South Carolina can do it, then the rest of the nation can do the same.
“The fact that they got nothing about the [grand jury] process,” Gentile said, “contributed to the destruction and the tension
Matthew Brinckerhoff, the lawyer representing James, argued that the records were essential for lawmakers across the state