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Cory's concepts and goals for The Showroom are ever evolving. "I want this space to mirror the internet," he says, referring to injecting technology and tech aspects to exhibits to facilitate the viewer with readily accessible and instant behind-the-piece access.
Edwards' dad, Daniel Edwards, is an experienced sculptor who has made celebrity-themed pieces such as one depicting Justin
A naked statue of pregnant Kim Kardashian by famous celebrity sculptor Daniel Edwards is meant to challenge the media criticism
Baby Kimye And The Royal Heir by Daniel Edwards, Courtesy of Cory Allen Contemporary Art His new work, aptly dubbed "Baby
In her newest role, Lindsay Lohan is playing the original sexy sinner herself, Eve. (Where else could she go after playing
The piece, entitled 'Mogul (Jay-Z Occupies Occupy Wall Street)', was inspired by Jay-Z's shortlived 'Occupy All Streets' T
"All Hollywood couples remain forever," Edwards said, recalling pairs Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as well as Jennifer
The Daily mail reports, She has famously battled with her weight - but according to this tribute to the queen of daytime