daniel holtzclaw

The site has since called the infamous article "tone-deaf" and "a complete failure."
A sports team’s performance should not matter more than a survivor’s trauma.
Black Voices
An investigation of Holtzclaw was not opened at that point, according to the lawsuit.
"By not spending more time reaching out to victims or their families as a way of accounting for the horrific abuse they suffered, I made a grave mistake."
The story was rapped for its sympathetic view of the college football player who became a rapist cop.
Black Voices
"Every time I see the police, I don't even know what to do."
Black Voices
A judge says Holtzclaw should spend the rest of his life in prison.
Black Voices
Prosecutors said Holtzclaw preyed on black women in a low-income neighborhood in Oklahoma.
As Ms. Ligons she drove past the familiar places that provided the backdrop of her own story, she did not know that her life
In countries that have decriminalized prostitution and regulate it to some degree, sex workers not only have much safer working conditions but are much less likely to develop HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.