Daniel Libeskind

"There is no typical New Yorker ... it's a city of atypical people," says Daniel Libeskind who came to New York City at the
Wendy Goodman of New York calls it "a fantastic book that sheds light on the creative process of how architects envision and start to bring life to their buildings."
Earlier this month, Routledge Press announced the publication of Drawing from Practice: Architects and the Meaning of Freehand. It was inspired by a column I wrote in this space in January 2011.
Copenhagen wasn't even on our top 10-bucket list of places to visit, but our oversight quickly became apparent within a short time of touch down in traveler-friendly Kastrup Airport right outside the city.
"We want to show incredible homes and make it inspiring," says Dameron, Dwell's editor-in-chief. "It's hard to find residences
It is no surprise that the Dutch people, historically tolerant and compassionate, have been deeply affected by such atrocities and will always remember, mourn and commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.
1 World Trade Center rendering © SOM / dbox studio Calatrava: I cannot judge globally how much time we will need to reconstruct
This Taschen gem features homes designed by all kinds of starchitects, including John Pawson, Richard Meier, Shigeru Ban
To which user qthedancer responded: "Too true. I didn't even see what could have been meant by 'awkward resemblance' until
XAM (photo © Jaime Rojo) Brooklyn Street Art: Can you talk about your new collection of foreclosed units and the intersection
The Los Angeles Times reports that Libeskind, who also designed One World Trade Center in New York, intended to disrupt the
2010-09-08-holmes.jpgAccording to a fourth-generation military officer heading the project, Libeskind's proposal was chosen to symbolize a break with the country's past.
The Serpentine Gallery in London's Hyde Park is having a slumber party right at the heels of their annual summer party, which took place around their Pavilion, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel.
I recently found a celebrity who is not only adjusting her personal lifestyle but has embraced the business of going green. Enter Eva Longoria Parker, the not-so-desperate housewife.
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