Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind (b. 1946) is a Polish-American architect and co-founder of Studio Daniel Libeskind. His buildings include
Wendy Goodman of New York calls it "a fantastic book that sheds light on the creative process of how architects envision and start to bring life to their buildings."
Earlier this month, Routledge Press announced the publication of Drawing from Practice: Architects and the Meaning of Freehand. It was inspired by a column I wrote in this space in January 2011.
Copenhagen wasn't even on our top 10-bucket list of places to visit, but our oversight quickly became apparent within a short time of touch down in traveler-friendly Kastrup Airport right outside the city.
J. Michael Welton writes about architecture, art and design for national and international publications. He also edits and
It is no surprise that the Dutch people, historically tolerant and compassionate, have been deeply affected by such atrocities and will always remember, mourn and commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.
We try to capture all of that and I think what uplifted our effort is the Port Authority, itself. They wanted to catch the
What's that? You were excited that your house had a walk-in closet? Well, perhaps it's time to get really envious, because
HuffPost user LibertariansGhost writes: "It evokes images of Sept. 11 to those seeking to find images of Sept. 11. No different
Brooklyn Street Art: What motivates you to do this project? In the last 12 months you must have spent 1,000 hours of your