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He was punished for writing about a secretive prison where he spent years in isolation.
Prisoners in the units face strict restrictions on all forms of communication with the outside world, including a prohibition on all contact visits, and are segregated from other prisoners. After years of discovery, we were able to present to the district court a detailed and disturbing picture of who was being subjected to these restrictions, and how.
Only after the frantic efforts of his lawyers was McGowan released. His lawsuit over retaliation, filed in September, continues
For the first time, the Bureau of Prisons says that it may restrict letters, phone calls, and visits at the CMUs to immediate family members only, that it may give prisoners only six pieces of paper a week to write letters, and that prisoners may be restricted to as little as four hours of visits a month.
"The irony is just so thick," McGowan told HuffPost for a story last week. "You're writing an article about retaliation for
Andy Stepanian, a former CMU inmate, talks with Josh about being held under incredibly high restrictions, as well as how he thinks he was more of a criminal than more than two-thirds of the men that were there.
McGowan did not see himself as a terrorist, but the federal government did. In the midst of a nationwide panic over environmentalist
Daniel McGowan, 39, served seven years in federal prison for arson connected with the Earth Liberation Front, four of them
NEW YORK -- The latest twist in the saga of Daniel McGowan, an environmental activist who was convicted of arson linked to