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He was punished for writing about a secretive prison where he spent years in isolation.
Prisoners in the units face strict restrictions on all forms of communication with the outside world, including a prohibition on all contact visits, and are segregated from other prisoners. After years of discovery, we were able to present to the district court a detailed and disturbing picture of who was being subjected to these restrictions, and how.
For the first time, the Bureau of Prisons says that it may restrict letters, phone calls, and visits at the CMUs to immediate family members only, that it may give prisoners only six pieces of paper a week to write letters, and that prisoners may be restricted to as little as four hours of visits a month.
The Bureau of Prisons has six months to respond to McGowan's claim. If he is denied, he may then file a lawsuit against the
Andy Stepanian, a former CMU inmate, talks with Josh about being held under incredibly high restrictions, as well as how he thinks he was more of a criminal than more than two-thirds of the men that were there.
To McGowan, the episode was a reminder of just how arbitrary and over-the-top the BOP's reaction to political speech can
Daniel McGowan, 39, served seven years in federal prison for arson connected with the Earth Liberation Front, four of them
It was, said Rachel Meeropol, his lawyer at the Center for Constitutional Rights, a form of "fast and loose retaliation." "This
We've got a lot to cover this week, so we're going to try to get through everything in a rather foreshortened format. At least, that's the goal.
UPDATE: 1:25 p.m. -- Daniel McGowan may soon leave jail. His attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, Rachel Meeropol
UPDATE: Friday, April 5 -- Daniel McGowan has been returned to his halfway house after his lawyers confirmed that he had
Through discovery in my case, the federal government has finally been forced to hand over previously-unseen memoranda explaining why I was picked out to be transferred to an experimental segregation unit, opened under the Bush Administration.
Even among people who have devoted years of their lives fighting to protect the natural world from the predations of capitalism, Daniel McGowan's role in the history of the environmental movement is marginal and obscure. It shouldn't be.
1) Only one phone call per month (to immediate family). 2) Only one hour, non-contact, visit per month (with immediate family