Daniel Ortega

The United Nations is asking other countries to support Costa Rica, which is receiving most of the asylum seekers.
The Trump administration condemned police attacks on demonstrators as hundreds have been killed.
President Daniel Ortega has violently cracked down on dissent in the country.
About 300 people have died since April amid a crackdown by Daniel Ortega's government.
Chaos and bloodshed continue in Nicaragua as students lead protests against the president.
Monday’s march, led by university students, was the largest seen in six days of protests.
Ixelis’s fetus has no arms, feet or cranium and its heart is compromised. But the government prohibits her from having an abortion.
Perhaps it is time for Bernie's followers, the "Sanderistas," to start pressuring their candidate to come up with a more convincing narrative on international affairs.
Some campesinos had to travel for 12 hours just to get to the march. Wilfredo Miranda. Nicaraguan campesinos march against
There is a Spanish word for dissent, disidencia, but Wheelock did not recognize it. In 1979, neither did Ortega, and the word seems entirely missing from the Nicaraguan vocabulary.
If Obama's underlying objective was to intimidate Latin American nations over the Snowden affair, his strategy has colossally backfired. Indeed, much to the chagrin of the White House, Latin nations have rallied to Snowden's defense.
A Chinese company and a former Sandinista revolutionary leader (three-time and current Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega) are teaming up to revive an old idea -- create an alternative to the Panama Canal that will traverse through Nicaragua.
With Hugo Chavez having now passed, the question of who will inherit his legacy as the vanguard of 21st century socialism in Latin America is foremost in the minds of many.
For the most part, one struggles to find many in the U.S. today who still carry a torch for the Sandinistas. Since I was a young man, I have believed in the Sandinistas, and the latest news from Nicaragua has only confirmed my loyalty.
Though U.S. diplomats would like to make alarmist claims about Iran's footprint in Central America, the evidence is pretty thin. That won't stop hyperbolic statements from the Republicans and others, however, who still regard Nicaragua as a virtual U.S. enclave.
Nicaragua, historically one of the most unstable countries in a region not known for its stability, appears to have given up its fight. In a season of political activism, Nicaragua's fraudulent election has shone for its silence -- and acquiescence.
Each of you has been a recipient of the Muammar Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights. When you had the chance to show that you learned your lesson by returning the award, you did not.
Roughly a year ago in Nicaragua a document surfaced, entitled "Revolutionary Brotherhood -- 21st Century Socialism." This document is purported to have been authored by the FSLN following a meeting with Hugo Chavez.
Media controlled. Judiciary intimidated. Dissent stymied. All that is left to challenge Chavez is an independent legislature.