Daniel Patrick Moynihan

America is lucky to have a modern Moynihan in Nikki Haley, who is fearless, eloquent, incorruptible and honorable. America’s
Get ready America, we're about to enter unchartered waters in our 241-year history. Instead of a democracy with a free and
While I was writing a book on Moynihan's political thought, even admirers of the late statesman often asked: "What are you going to do with welfare reform?" With respect to the worst poverty, Moynihan was right.
Now is the time to begin uniting the Democratic Party and reaching out to independents who share your understanding that Republicans Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be a disaster for the nation.
A society defines itself in various ways, most clearly through the heroes it honors and the values they express. Daniel Patrick Moynihan deserves to be so honored by being permanently identified with the grand New York transportation center he envisioned and successfully championed.
A Donald Trump nomination would probably mean the immolation of the Republican Party. Democrats should not cheer it. Opposition and criticism -- the collision of idea against idea -- has historically kept the Democratic Party intellectually vibrant and politically sharp.
If the drug companies persist in running these ads during the family dinner hour, then perhaps Congress should follow the
The new excoriation of Daniel Patrick Moynihan is under way. The character of this one is different from the last.
The characterization of Moynihan as believing the family, rather than systemic oppression, was the "master problem" picks up the causal chain several links in.
I am reading "Daniel Patrick Moynihan, A Portrait in Letters of an American Visionary" edited by Steven Weisman. It is a good title because Moynihan was indeed a visionary.
Bob Woodson, President of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, declared "A one-year moratorium on whining about white
Of course, all subsidies, including charitable ones, are liable to abuse. That is not, of itself, a reason not to give them. Crucially, on conservative premises, that is also not a reason to attempt to eliminate all exploitation.
What precisely Moynihan did to defend privilege is utterly unclear. Regardless, it is Spielberg, not Moynihan, doing the narrating and implying. What Moynihan said was that racism and poverty produced family breakdown, not that poor African-Americans caused either.
His prescient report on the African-American family, published March 1, 1965, was neither the first time nor the last. He was right about the collapse of the Soviet Union, which he forecast a decade ahead of the event, right about the rise of ethnicity in international politics, right about the decline of moral standards in the United States.
The abolition of the CIA could be a conscious step in tearing our government out of the grip of the war consensus -- this unelected force that feeds on perpetual global mistrust and hatred, the exact opposite of what true security requires.
NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton launched her book tour here amid the screeching of partisan spin and the collective yawn of would
Government advocates have watched with dismay as the Supreme Court has systematically dismantled campaign finance laws, all while making it harder for individual Americans to secure their right to vote. This pattern isn't just the result of the conservative justices' misreading of the Constitution.
Yesterday is yesterday, and progress is happening. Nevertheless, George Will's piece about Paul Ryan's comments still carries some assumptions -- assumptions of choice -- at least linked to the past, even while condemning people who hear them as such.
It is indeed true that most social problems are linked to bad parent-child relationships. Yet, parents are not nearly so much in control of that relationship as moralists assume.