Daniel Tosh

"This isn’t a person who has a ton of power, but the small amount he has I feel he has used for ill," she told Andy Cohen.
They're first in thigh gaps. And doughiness.
Even the children join in on the takedown.
Just like Seinfeld's comedic line, "Not that there's anything wrong with that," when referring to homosexual behavior, "Is it racist," has become the new tagline to uncomfortable words ushered between people.
Get More: Comedy Central On his show Tuesday, Daniel Tosh laid into ESPN for a new segment it's running which is oddly similar
It has been years since the opening weeks of a new television season truly "belonged" to broadcast -- but it seems that this year, in particular, the "other guys" have been coming on especially strong, with big news, bold moves and some of the most exciting new shows of 2014.
The shock that materializes at the realization that someone close to you has been raped or sexually assaulted shatters reality and questions whether there is actually good in the world.
Given that the only time anyone watches HLN is when a white, attractive woman has allegedly killed her child or boyfriend, or is on trial for it, HLN could definitely use a makeover.
Maybe the tools of quickfire social media outrage really do ensure that the guilty no longer go unpunished for their crimes. But is there a cost for that?
Comedy Central is staking a serious claim in Daniel Tosh, recently renewing his series, "Tosh.0," for three more seasons
Remember that scene in Dumbo where he's a baby and his mother is rocking him in her trunk and everyone is crying, especially me? That scene wrecked me. Years of therapy can't remove that image from my memory and it wasn't even real.
Real estate site Estately.com engaged in an oh-so-unscientific (one might say bro-like) survey of the bro-iest cities in
The funny woman wields humor in such a way as to remove one gag (through her refusal of silence), even as she makes another -- a joke. Thus, she simultaneously resists shutting down and shutting up.
NBC speeds up late-night transition: Jimmy Fallon immediately replaces Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show; Seth Meyers replaces Fallon; Leno replaces Barbara Walters on The View; Walters joins the cast of Duck Dynasty.
Even in a joke, why should women be assaulted because men made the laws? What's funny is always subjective but not incapable of alteration.
Tosh's joking about rape in a comedy club in the face of what might have an annoying heckler doesn't reach the ignorance of the elected government official, but even Tosh shines a light on the tone deafness on the part of some men on the subject of rape.
To believe that you can change the meaning of a word by turning it into a metaphor or a joke is the essence of male entitlement.
Comedians like Rock take a sensitive subject and hammer on it until it changes shape, becomes funny. If you can find humor