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60 percent of everything produced in Denmark is exported to our foreign markets--25 percent is related to the food sector
The accompanying video to "Sommer" is an avant-garde art piece that was set in an old Copenhagen theater and was directed
I recently wrote about the misappropriation of the term "passionate about" and how it makes my head spin. Today I'm losing my marbles over the use of "authentic."
Skilled across borders Fred, a young man of Kenyan origin, came with the dream of carrying out urban reforestation projects
Herta Müller (b. 1953) is a German-Romanian novelist, poet and essayist. Müller is noted for her works depicting the effects of violence, cruelty and terror, typically set in communist Romania during the Nicolae Ceausescu regime, which she herself experienced.
A people does not achieve that kind of collective bliss from having shitty childhoods. So, how do these gentle ex-Vikings raise their kids to be so damned happy? These Crib Notes will explain, using the book's adorable 6-part acronym, "PARENT."
Manhattan is brimming with all types of services, from high-end repair shops and cleaners to prime restorers and more, to keep all of your luxury and beloved belongings in top shape.
The Danish are donating urine to produce beer at the Roskilde festival.
When Helen Russell moved from London to rural Denmark (yes there's a reason) she embarked on a mission to find out just what makes it such a happy place.
I will offer one backhanded defense of the Danes. Denmark is the original home of the Little Mermaid, and she was pretty hot. So if you believe in mermaids and consider them animals, I can kind of see why you might want bestiality to remain legal in case you ever happen upon a flippered femme fatale.
Tensions are understandably high. The loss of lives on both sides is a tragedy. Thanks to Israel's Iron Dome defense, many Israeli lives have been spared. But Hamas keeps trying. And Israel keeps fighting back. And the horrible cycle goes on and on.
I must say LinkedIn exceeded all my expectations. What an amazing site! It makes you wonder why there is any unemployment in this country. I haven't accepted any of the 200 offers I've received yet, but I'm confident a perfect one will come along soon.
Back in the sheltered days of my youth, this was eating at its finest.
Skills: In general, design graduates are trained to solve problems by design, however, they are rarely sufficiently skilled
Masculinity is a key driver of the plot. This is a town where men hunt, are given guns before they shave the first down off their cheeks, have families and do everything to protect them. This is a patriarchy of vast bearded men who drink and fight and kill.
"It is already bad enough when people like politicians or journalists who work with words no longer prefer to say and write
Previously I'd lumped Gestuz, the laidback young Danish fashion label, pronounced Jess-Tuce, in with the kinds of sporty, denim brands typically found in the tiny girls' sections of skate shops, labels like Bench and G-Star, but if their 2012 ranges so far are anything to go by, it seems either they've had a shift in design focus since their new designer came on board last summer, or I was very, very wrong.
Who doesn't like to start their morning off with a Danish quintet? I'm referring to a band that plays exceptionally well versus a plate full of pastries by the way.