dannel malloy

The wealthy businessman is expected to face a tough general election.
The House and Senate campaign arms have drawn criticism for weighing in on primary candidates.
Comparisons between the seismic events that shook Germany during the 1930s and this country's political climate in 2016 must be made with care, but they're hardly tenuous. To ignore the similarities would be at best careless; in the nuclear age, it could be catastrophic.
“People are watching this, people are engaged," said one congressman. "We’ve got to do our part.”
The Connecticut governor also says whether he thinks Bernie Sanders supporters have a right to be angry with the Democratic Party.
"People working for Bernie Sanders wouldn’t like all of their emails released tomorrow.”
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy gave us a taste today of what can be achieved when good government works closely with caring and motivated constituents -- the end of veteran homelessness in his state.
Too many people are locked up on minor charges because they can't afford bail before trial, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy says.
Guess which party says equal pay laws will encourage frivolous lawsuits?