Danny Davis

This shouldn't be that hard for a women's rights activist and a Democratic congressman.
Scott Walker as spiritual guide on union dealings. Where have we heard that before? He said the model would be his home state
Two teens broke into the home and shot the 15-year-old.
It's not something that just afflicts people of one color or ethnicity. It's striking families who never imagined that they could find themselves telling their kids that they don't have any food or that the electricity has been shut off.
Davis, who was first elected to Congress in 1996, defeated Republican Robert Bumpers. See more on the midterm elections below
House Democrats slammed a GOP tax cut that cuts out poorer children in order to boost more affluent kids.
Despite demanding House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) keep the House of Representatives in session to deal with expired unemployment insurance, Democratic lawmakers aren't going to hang around now that the House has adjourned.
If you don't see the name of your Congress member on that list, you live in a House district without a representative standing up for economic decency.
Danny Davis is late and no one can find him. "It's going straight to voice mail," his scheduler says as she hangs up the
"There's nothing wrong with being a Republican, except that if people are going to vote for a Republican, they ought to know
"(Swiss) was kind of making use of a bit of subterfuge which would give you no reason to think he would be a Democrat," Davis
A coalition of West Side Chicago Democrats rallied on Sunday behind state Rep. Derrick Smith, the lawmaker who was arrested
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been actively wading into Democratic legislative primary fights. And Emanuel did so again recently, throwing his support to Christian Mitchell. What will Rahm's support reel in that Mitchell lacks?
Over the last several months, at great risk to his career and personal life, LTC Davis has documented the deliberate misleading of the American people and Congress by the leaders of the Department of Defense. He has done his nation and the U.S. Army a tremendous service.
On Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after the hearing ended, at least one of the people didn't seem so desperate: Jarvis said
During a Wednesday press conference, Davis said he was “not accusing anyone of anything," but said after receiving a call