Danny Glover

The film has received praise for tackling themes related to race, family, friendship and gentrification.
The Vermont senator has indicated he would step aside if another candidate with a better shot at beating Donald Trump should emerge.
“Sorry To Bother You” may be an absurdist dark comedy, but it gets very real about everyday racism.
The legendary actor recently joined Bernie Sanders for a pro-union protest in Mississippi.
I'll get into the particulars of what this strategy might look like in a moment, but what concerns me in the meantime is
I hit the red carpet at recent the LA premiere and caught up with cast to talk about the film and find out their best and
Gabrielle Union and Kimberly Elise rattle off catty one-liners like they were schooled on Edward Albee's vicious Who's Afraid
It features a list of notable figures, including Michael B. Jordan, Van Jones and more.
California public polls are all over the place. One very respected poll has a statistical tie, while a couple of other public polls have double-digit Clinton leads. My read is that both are off, that Hillary is ahead, but Bernie is in striking distance.
It's not surprising that Krugman has to go to such great lengths to discredit Bernie. Someone who has been in politics for 40 years and has no dirt on him -- this is a rare politician indeed, and not so easy to tarnish.
Read more here and watch the video below to follow Diego Luna's emotional journey to the world premiere of his fourth feature
Like every other community in the United States, African American intellectuals and political leaders represent a wide range of viewpoints, and while Dr. Cornel West and Ta-Nehisi Coates might disagree on certain issues, they're voting for Bernie Sanders.
Dirty Grandpa proves that De Niro can play comedy with aplomb. He certainly is not afraid to make a fool of himself. His courage to play against his image and to risk humiliation is praiseworthy, but the material Phillips has given to him is beneath him.
North Carolina lawmakers are working hard to cut down on the billions of dollars it loses each year due to underage drinking
As an older guy I have had a few marriages but no kids of my own (that I know of anyway.) Yet I have never hesitated to express many opinions over the yeas here on Huffington about the upbringing of children.