danny pintauro

Danny Pintauro will star in the second season of "Unsure/Positive."
I truly think everyone should only come out on their own accord and when they are ready. I've always said I believe that it's an actor's choice whether or not to divulge.
None of us have the same story and path. There will never be one face of HIV, but the more of us who come out HIV+, the more understanding there will be. To see the transformation we want, it's vital to bring HIV back into the public conversation.
When Danny Pintauro sat down with Oprah Winfrey in September and disclosed his HIV status to the world, he sparked a conversation about stigma, HIV prevention and drug use to a massive TV audience. I recently got the chance to catch up with this brand new HIV activist.
It would have been one thing if he was suddenly putting himself forward as the poster-child for the dangers of oral sex, which aren't currently part of the health class curriculum. Instead, he did the opposite, minimizing this detail with the horrid summary statement of "it's that easy."
The "Who's The Boss" star publicly announced this week that he's been HIV-positive for the past 12 years.
The "Transparent" star said she was so "so proud" of Pintauro, who recently revealed that he is HIV-positive.
We can easily cast them aside and say that's a private issue to deal with and it's not our business to place judgment on the choices they make. That logic is illogical when you analyze the realities of the social situations HIV positive gay men encounter daily.
The former child star kept his diagnosis a secret for 12 years.
Julie Simpson discusses this week’s episode of “Where Are They Now” which focuses on former child star Danny Pintauro.