Is Donald Trump going to hell for his callousness and incompetence toward Puerto Rico? Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of
Saying no to the most powerful economic cauldron the world has even known will not be easy and for many reasons cannot be
Ron Howard's Inferno mixes Philippa Foot's famed Trolley Problem with the eponymous Dante poem. For the billionaire geneticist
This wave of thought police infiltrating academia has begat new vocabulary. Neo-colonialist professor's incessant "micro
There are benefits to those among us with adult ADHD. Among them: an advantage for stage and screen directors who are able to take it all in simultaneously: visual, auditory, movement, pacing and rhythms. The talent comes from being able to see the connections between all of them.
Not to sound too simplistic, but everything inspires, and there are no boundaries to creativity. I admire that the Native
Luther denounced these buy-an-indulgence scams, and along with the other reformers, wound up denying the existence of purgatory
And, finally, please talk about family and relationships. I have a theory that every book we read has something to do with
Louis Begley has written 11 novels, the latest, Killer, Come Hither, features Jack Dana, a Marine infantry officer who was wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has become a writer, with his debut novel skyrocketing to bestselling status.
Everyone has a Grand Inquisitor lurking inside them, in the form of a negative doppleganger or alter ego, the self-immolating spirit that casts doubt on every assertion of the life force.
Knausgaard's world, as replete as it is with poetry, is lacking in reason and enlightenment. It's as explosive and unpredictable as the adolescent lust he so vividly describes.
The espresso: a special, entirely Italian moment We just can’t live without it. Whether we’re at work, in school, with friends
The negatives of being famous are hardly ever discussed in the media in favor of coverage emphasizing the excessively lavish celebrity lifestyle, giving us a glimpse inside a world beyond our reach.
These pictures, to me, represent an exploded view of the mind of Dinnerstein. He is surrounded by images of significance to him as an artist and as a man.
I met Penelope Sudrow at a backyard party in the Silver Lake home of my actor friend Lee Boek, who runs Public Works Improvisational Theater.
While it may be the most famous portion of Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy," chances are you weren't laughing too hard if
Brazil delivered an impressive display of goal scoring power against Honduras with a 5-0 victory in Saturday's friendly in Miami that underscored the depth of talent amongst their bench players, most of whom were responsible for today's goals.
Here is a passage from "Dante: The Most Vivid Version," a review essay by Robert Pogue Harrison (The New York Review of Books
That life is so close. It's just a commercial driver's license and a clean drug test away. Be a trucker, with a home and