Is Donald Trump going to hell for his callousness and incompetence toward Puerto Rico? Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of
Act. Avoid the United States of America wherever possible. If you must fly there, avoid American carriers. Think. Avoid the
Ron Howard's Inferno mixes Philippa Foot's famed Trolley Problem with the eponymous Dante poem. For the billionaire geneticist
One common thematic in the slapstick of these two tales is the ubiquitous redefined and downgraded use of the word "trauma
There are benefits to those among us with adult ADHD. Among them: an advantage for stage and screen directors who are able to take it all in simultaneously: visual, auditory, movement, pacing and rhythms. The talent comes from being able to see the connections between all of them.
"The Suicide Tree," by Michelle Gagliano Whether it be the "painting as silent poetry" or the "poetry is painting that speaks
If this sounds like a spiritual Mafia, you're not far off. Consider the theological speculations of Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri
Without people, no language. Without language, no real thinking. Without thinking, no real feeling. Without a web of connectedness
On Milazzo, the beach with the brightly colored wooden boats, in red, green, yellow, and blue, we stand on sands waiting
Louis Begley has written 11 novels, the latest, Killer, Come Hither, features Jack Dana, a Marine infantry officer who was wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has become a writer, with his debut novel skyrocketing to bestselling status.