dante's inferno

I am hoping history will judge our current tumult and division as the sorts of growing pains which precede a new wave of civil rights for all. I wonder if all the fear, anger and division is like a nasty boil somewhere deep in Dantean hell--the poison must be lanced so we might breathe free again.
Star of the moment Felicity Jones is in the film as an appeal to younger members of the audience. When the movie first starts
What to do about those unanswered texts and e mails? It used to be phone calls, but voice communication is going the way
"The Suicide Tree," by Michelle Gagliano Whether it be the "painting as silent poetry" or the "poetry is painting that speaks
Without people, no language. Without language, no real thinking. Without thinking, no real feeling. Without a web of connectedness
And if it's true, we'll get exactly four more seasons of "AHS."
Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has confessed, given what we know now, he would not have authorized the invasion of Iraq, as his brother did. A politician with integrity should have followed that comment with an apology to the Iraqi people.
Yinka Shonibare, How to Blow Up Two Heads at Once (Gentlemen), 2006.  Courtesy of the artist and Colecçõ Sindika Dokolo, Luanda
From Homer to George R.R. Martin, literature is fascinated with all the ways in which hosts and guests can betray each other.