daphne guinness

"My ultimate goal is to get sound and vision undivorced."
While writing a romantic comedy, The Billionairess, I thought about the archetypes I hoped to break and the ones I love.
Guinness is being forced to pay for water damage done to her neighbors' homes, the New York Post reports, due to her overflowing
Daphne Guinness has done a lot of strange things, from getting dressed in the window of Barneys to using nail polish as lipstick
Paper Mag posted a video of Guinness singing Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" and asked, "Who knew she had pipes?" To
Despite her pedigree and experience as style's timeless muse (her personal couture collection was large enough to warrant
What is the meaning of this shot? Why end the film there? Certainly, the new Lionsgate-Summit Entertainment conglomerate hopes to continue the tension between these characters to entice us into a sequel; but what is this tension made of?
During New York Fashion Week, photographic duo Markus and Indrani were finally able to screen their magical first film, The Legend of Lady White Snake.
Of the new site, Della Valle says, "It was to fill a void. I wanted something that is beautiful to look at but also has a