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A controversial book details a mom who put her 7-year-old on a strict diet. Was this good parenting or contributing to a future eating disorder? What's a parent to do? Joining Nancy Redd to discuss is Author Dara-Lynn Weiss.
Guest Dara Pettinelli Shares her story with host Nancy Redd of being on the Jenny Craig diet at just 9 years old.
Reminding me I'm fat, shaming me, didn't scare me into thinness -- it locked me in a closet with my emotions and a secret stash of food.
Knowing is different than wanting, though, and Bea pushed back. It was bad enough when the skirmishes happened in the privacy
Despite their extreme antics at this point, it's a total cliché to criticize 'Dance Moms' moms. The people who really should make us scratch our heads are the other adults involved: the teachers and coaches.
In the spirit of the "damned if you do/damned if you don't" memoir, I am determined to find my inner Tiger Mom/Diet Mom and expose her to the world.
Before Dara-Lynn Weiss's controversial Vogue article about putting her 7-year-old daughter on a diet (and before the backlash
Is it really so shocking and unforgivable that Dara-Lynn Weiss makes poor judgments and fails in various ways to guide her daughter to a place of healthy self-love when it is her task to be the shepherd of that child's weight loss? Can you find no compassion for her story?
While I do commend Ms. Weiss on certain aspects of her approach (such as limiting her daughter's overall intake of junk food and promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables), I believe she did fall short of carrying out many of our program's core attributes.
In the piece, featured in Vogue's "Shape" issue, Weiss recounts what it was like to realize her young daughter “had grown