Twenty years after its debut on MTV, the "Daria" creators reimagine the characters today.
Exploring the stereotypes of the women behind spectacles
At MTV we were struggling with this assignment to create an animated show for girls. It hit me we already had what we needed. We would consider Daria for a show of her own.
This is the story of how Beavis and Butt-Head's earliest female friend came into being and eventually became the star of her own animated series and a part of the zeitgeist of growing up.
Alex is sometimes concerned by her extreme introversion, but she's mostly preoccupied with being the smartest person in any
Watch CollegeHumor's fake trailer for 'Daria's High School Reunion' above. Who would have thought it was possible to love
We have no doubt that if Ed Sheeran were a cartoon character, he would be Chuckie from "Rugrats," and you have to admit that
Sometimes when we find ourselves stuck in a difficult situation, we think, "What would Lizzie McGuire do?" The always-loyal
Today is Mike Judge's 50th birthday, and he has every reason to celebrate reaching a half-century of being terrific. Think
On Wednesday, the network announced that reruns of "Daria" "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" will air from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m
I always assumed that when The Huffington Post finally begged me to write for them, I'd take a cue from my fellow celebrities and blog about a humanitarian issue dear to my heart. Yet here I am being asked to write about Valentine's Day, I suppose because they thought my somewhat low tolerance for sentimentality would make it amusing.
But it looks like all the girls who will dress as Daria and Jane this Halloween should have reason to be excited. An excitement