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DENVER, July 22 (Reuters) - The lead prosecutor in the Colorado movie massacre trial tore into the state's governor at a
"Wildflower. That is what comes to mind when I consider my bride Bonnie Kate. Much like a wildflower, she is the strongest
Sure, the NRA and gun lovers will kick and scream as they always do, but at some point, America must draw the line against letting those groups jeopardize our safety and take a stand for our right to be free of gun violence.
"We talked about it as a family, but we decided not to go," Mike White said. His son was shot, but survived the massacre
"He felt like he was in a video game," Unruh said, according to the news site. The former doctoral student allegedly told
"It's not as simple as a migraine," public defender Tamara Brady said, "and it's not something that will resolve itself by
If medicines and even tobacco are regulated, why is ammunition sold without any type of control?
Holmes' attorneys argue that the picture was "leaked to the media" by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office and that it violates
We can't shelter our children from everything forever. But we've got to do all we can to shut down senseless mayhem, violence and killing and to ensure those who come after us aren't numbed to and harmed by it.
The court documents filed Tuesday and reported by the Denver Post don't reveal the nature of the new charges and a spokesperson