Dark Money

Documents show that meme accounts rife with disinformation have also become shadowy advertising tools for some notable Republicans.
The former Ohio state senator previously ran a progressive group that technically raised “dark money.”
The For The People Act contains the DISCLOSE Act, a long-sought-after Democratic Party policy item that would end dark money spending.
The Republican lawmaker accused the group, which includes a retired fruit tree farmer, of conspiring with "dark money" organizations to hurt his campaign.
The New York Democrat admitted "it’s not a fun or politically popular position to take."
Nonprofits and industry groups with undisclosed funding poured $150 million into the 2018 elections.
But money continues to pour in to support the Maine senator's 2020 opponent.
A court order invalidating a rule that kept some election spending secret is going into effect.
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum has won key endorsements in the Florida governor’s race, despite a record that often turns liberals off.
The Treasury will no longer require certain tax-exempt organizations, including the NRA, to identify their financial donors to U.S. tax authorities.