darren sharper

"Go to hell," one victim told him in the courtroom.
Judge Jane Triche Milazzo rejected the original plea arrangement, saying the proposed nine-year prison sentence was too lenient.
The former NFL star has been convicted of drugging and raping multiple women.
Darren Sharper stands to spend the next decade (and more) in prison.
As the 2015 NFL Draft quickly approaches, the same troubling question seems to permeate the potential pool of prospects every year: how well can one actually judge the character of a college student?
As part of an intricate plea deal, Reuters reported, Sharper pleaded guilty to sexual assault and attempted sexual assault
NEW ORLEANS—It was 5:06 a.m. on a Tuesday in September 2013 when sex crimes Detective Derrick Williams caught the call. It
Local prosecutors in New Orleans say Sharper has reached a plea deal to settle the Louisiana case, but it is not expected
t is not acceptable that we have to be shown something that we knew occurred in order to be moved. We can never protect each other if this is the (most times impossible) standard for action.
By Aaron Wilson, National Football Post Sharper is a six-time All-Pro. He also played for the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota
We discuss some of the top stories of the afternoon, including DHS finalizing rules to prevent sexual assault in immigration detention, Tea Party says they're not dead and the U.S. falls far behind rest of the world on climate change.
TMZ reported that Sharper has been accused of two sexual assaults, one in October 2013 and another in January 2014. Sharper
When news broke just days before the start of the 2011 season that Peyton Manning would be missing at least Week 1, it totally
I have barely hung on this summer with the lack of training camp, appearances, and all the goodies that the offseason offers.