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The movie, which is set for a Jan. 14 release, tells the story of closeted teens Tanner (played by “United States of Tara
'G.B.F.' is about 2 gay high school students and their female friends. While the film features no nudity, sex or major cursing it received an 'R' by the MPAA. The director & star join to discuss whether the rating is due to the film's gay content.
Back in August, Taylor Swift brought "her friends" Tegan and Sara out on the Staples Center stage in Los Angeles to sing
Out of a total of 238 films, June's Frameline Film Festival included 82 features and 155 shorts from a total of 27 nations. Frameline 37 also included 14 first-time feature filmmakers. Among the films which show that "the kids are all right" are the following.
It helps that the movie doesn't preach, despite discussing a lot of very serious issues. I liked, for instance, how it handled
Beneath that candy-coated exterior, Stein added, “G.B.F.” has a gooey emotional center that also makes it stand apart from