dartmouth rape

A filmmaker is trying to get files on Parker Gilbert, who was found not guilty of raping a classmate two years ago.
Haven't we fought for several centuries to overcome such disempowering stereotypes about the inherent fragility of women in college?
Many colleges and universities focus on programs or campaigns that attempt to deal with the issue of rape and sexual assault through the mantra "no means no." This platitude, which often serves as the starting point in our discussions about sexual assault, all too often also serves as the ending point of those conversations.
We can and we must do everything to ensure that survivors' stories do not go unnoticed. We are obligated to demonstrate the same level of courage they do in combatting sexual assault.
The petition came just days after Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon unveiled a new disciplinary policy for sexual assault. The
A policy that passed Dartmouth's IntraFraternity Council unanimously in the 2012-13 academic year required fraternities impose
"The college doesn’t control or support it, nor, given the nature of the Internet, do we have the capacity to block access
Dartmouth College students pressing a federal complaint claiming the school underreported sexual assaults said Dartmouth is retaliating by charging them with violating the student code of conduct for an April protest.
At least 10 students involved in the April 19 demonstration were notified this week that they face adjudications for a possible