dash cam

Incredibly, the driver escaped unharmed.
Trooper Eric Devers was with the man for 12 minutes before emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene.
The dash-cam video of Ms. Bland's confrontation with a Texas State Trooper shows the demise of an American woman who posed absolutely no threat to anyone.
Dash cam video captures shocking motor home crash in Louisiana,
According to the Louisiana State Police, 30-year-old Jonathan Mendel, of Metairie, was driving his semi on Interstate 10
A dash cam video right before a deputy kills a girl in the street.
Death. It looks awfully close to death. And while you may strive to be polite... In all fairness, with that much snow, tank
When the target of police pursuit refused to give up earlier this month in Michigan, the chase went over the edge.
A dash-cam video released from a Saginaw Township police car shows the terrifying end to a car and foot chase on Nov. 1. It
"Any act can become one of great kindness if it is done selflessly," reads the text that appears in video, according to a