Thousands of subreddits chose to go dark in an ongoing protest over the company's plan to start charging certain third-party developers to access the site’s data.
It’s easy to get caught off-guard with how your personal info can be used, collected and shared digitally. Here are some tips about how to best protect your data.
The "Last Week Tonight" host suggested he has some really weird dirt about certain members of Congress.
On Thursday, the FDA will convene what’s essentially a science court that will debate just how strong the data backing the shots really is.
The latest data offers voters a final look at the most important barometer of the U.S. economy before the Nov. 3 presidential election.
The dating app was included on a new list of online services that must provide user data on demand to Russian intelligence agencies.
They're collecting your data. All of it.
You'll be able to stop Facebook from linking browsing data with your account.
The Facebook CEO equivocated on enacting the same laws in the U.S.
Russia could be storing some of the harvested data, too, said Christopher Wylie, who helped found the political research firm.