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Many people are shocked when they discover that Facebook and other tech behemoths routinely monetize their user data. This
Let's face it, over the next few years, it's going to become increasingly difficult to protect your privacy online and in
The nature of these ads -- and the ease with which I’d triggered them -- points to the amoral state of the online marketing
8. Metro Parents: "consumers, primarily in high school or vocationally educated, handling single parenthood and the stresses
Bianca Bosker joins HuffPost Live to explain why it's impossible for a person to erase their engagement from the internet.
In less than 50 minutes, I’d convinced Google to add “Dating and Personals” to my list of interests, which is compiled based
This week, as the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein publicly accused the CIA of spying on her committee's computers, Bill talks with investigative reporter Julia Angwin.
Yes. But Disney spokeswoman Zenia Mucha said that Disney's letter, sent in 2007, "wasn't clear" about how the data was actually
The FTC report, among other things, called for Congress to create a national standard for notifying customers if their data