data caps

And these unlimited plans that crap out at 22-28GB? We're being played. America does not have the best 4G in the world. We
America's future for communications is slower, less quality, more expensive and less choice. For your reading pleasure, here are five facts from recent articles that I think are worth repeating, (and some new ones thrown in).
If the FCC wants to ensure that the open Internet flourishes, it must investigate all of these attempts to skirt its Net Neutrality rules. Cable and phone companies will continue to look for new ways to double-charge consumers and engage in anti-competitive behavior
Comcast incurs almost no additional cost in terms of how much data you use. Once that "pipe" is built, it's cheap to operate. In essence, Comcast is imposing these arbitrary limits and penalties on customers simply because it can.
Activists have dubbed January 18th 'Internet Freedom Day.' It was one year ago when millions mobilized to defeat SOPA, and now they continue to fight censorship.
Last January, Congress was considering two bills, the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, and Protect IP Act, or PIPA, meant
A reader from Minneapolis offered a breakdown of where her online video use happens, and where she'd have to cut back. I
"This is about how do you fairly allocate the cost of the network among users that have different uses," Powell said. Cable
Cable giants like Comcast and Time Warner have come to dominate information access in the United States. And they're using this new power to squeeze out competitors and remake new media in their old image.
There probably was no great need for Comcast to raise the usage caps on its broadband service, as it did last week from 250 GB to 300 GB per month. If the company thought for an instant that the modest increase bought it any good will from its theoretical regulators, it needn't have bothered.
AT&T's announcement that it would start to throttle the "heaviest users" on its wireless network is only the latest in a series of developments that place the idea of a thriving, useful Internet at risk.
"AT&T's Internet overcharging is a poor solution to an unproven problem, and it will have a chilling effect on economic growth
DSL customers will reportedly be capped at 150 GB and U-Verse users at 250 GB per month, beginning May 2. AT&T users exceeding