data mining

The president's comments came amid revelations that Cambridge Analytica reportedly collected data on 50 million people through Facebook.
But 44% of deaths occur before age 75, and 13% of them are caused by accidents, suicides, and homicides - three things which
Is it time to recognize the precautions that experts are taking?
So here's what happens as a result. As far back as 2011, some owners of Fitbit exercise sensors noticed that their sexual
The GOP senator's campaign is building off a successful tactic.
Privacy and security are not opposing forces but mutually beneficial of each other and crucially intertwined as a means of protecting and advancing us. We need to protect them both in order to truly protect ourselves.
Sophisticated digital platforms that leverage "small" pieces of information or the data contained within citizens and their localities can strengthen the quality of democracy. Taken together, the following examples illustrate the ability to combine the right data to forge 21st century digital public infrastructure.
The era of Big Health Data is upon us. More than 90 percent of hospitals and three-quarters of physicians are already using
With lower storage costs and more powerful processing capabilities, software is unlocking valuable insights contained within
Steve Jobs is back all over the media and movie screens these days - as Hollywood portrays its take of his genius and his warts. At the end of the day (not the movie), Jobs' greatest notoriety may indeed be elevating Tim Cook to be his successor.