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The whole family should be on board with these privacy best practices,
Tens of millions of Americans will have their credit-card numbers, hospital records, or digital identities hacked or stolen
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) marks the beginning of a new era in Europe. With the new legislation intended not only to strengthen EU citizens' rights but also to simplify rules for businesses in EU Member States, every EU citizen is a vital stakeholder in the process.
From K-12 through higher-ed, more tools and platforms are now churning out more highly detailed data than ever. Because of this new data, research is a more valuable and desirable tool than ever.
The DHS review is thorough. By law, it must involve a comprehensive review to determine whether the product or policy actually
Last night, the U.S. House passed the Senate-amended version of the Judicial Redress Act, now headed to President Obama for signature. Progress on this front matters.
Children have larger digital footprints than ever before. Here's what you need to know to protect them.
Essentially, a cloud setup has two requirements: a group of connected servers, and virtualization software that connects those servers. The virtualization software is the key piece that turns a regular group of computers into a cloud computing setup.
"Congratulations Max Schrems. You've changed the world for the better," Edward Snowden tweeted Tuesday.
In many ways, data loss -- especially the extreme cases -- is the modern-day equivalent of a house fire. Except here's the distinction: without the stark image of a charred, demolished structure, the empathy you'll receive from others will be at best subdued and at worst non-existent.