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The whole family should be on board with these privacy best practices,
The numbers are more sobering than surprising. For years now, RAND researchers have documented the growing threat posed by
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) marks the beginning of a new era in Europe. With the new legislation intended not only to strengthen EU citizens' rights but also to simplify rules for businesses in EU Member States, every EU citizen is a vital stakeholder in the process.
From K-12 through higher-ed, more tools and platforms are now churning out more highly detailed data than ever. Because of this new data, research is a more valuable and desirable tool than ever.
They will also have to demonstrate that the cybersecurity program is regularly reviewed and updated, and that any problems
Last night, the U.S. House passed the Senate-amended version of the Judicial Redress Act, now headed to President Obama for signature. Progress on this front matters.
Children have larger digital footprints than ever before. Here's what you need to know to protect them.
Essentially, a cloud setup has two requirements: a group of connected servers, and virtualization software that connects those servers. The virtualization software is the key piece that turns a regular group of computers into a cloud computing setup.
"Congratulations Max Schrems. You've changed the world for the better," Edward Snowden tweeted Tuesday.
In many ways, data loss -- especially the extreme cases -- is the modern-day equivalent of a house fire. Except here's the distinction: without the stark image of a charred, demolished structure, the empathy you'll receive from others will be at best subdued and at worst non-existent.
Whether you are a part of the database or not, this hack could affect you. Millions of e-mail addresses, home addresses, credit cards and other information are contained within the leaked database.
American ingenuity is alive and well. We've changed the rules of the game, invented new playing fields, and blazed new paths. Europeans would admit this reality as much as we do ourselves. The divide therefore comes when Europe thinks these services don't protect the individual.
The omnipresence of the Internet in modern society makes most digital policy issues transversal. Yet, a transversal approach is more an exception than a rule in digital policy, on both national and international level.
The hack that resulted in the theft of information on 4 million government employees didn't need to happen. We had plenty of warning and next to nothing was done.
It's important to understand that your startup already faces some security risks, even if it doesn't have a BYOD program. About half of employees in the U.S. admit to storing work-related information on their personal devices whether their employees have BYOD programs or not.
Would I be willing to sell my online social media activity? What about my location? What about my financial information? These questions led to further questions.
In today's day and age, with technology at our fingertips (quite literally) there has been a bit of an invasion of our personal space and our privacy. Some of it is by our choosing, some of it not so much.
Home Depot hasn't really told us much about their data breach so far, and for that, I say shame on them. One of the few things they did share though, and quite categorically, is that no debit card PINs were exposed in the breach.