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If the idea of buying a box of chocolates and one-dozen roses sounds so cliché to you, here are 10 Valentine's Day dating ideas to enjoy with your date, that won't break the bank.
If you've dated in NYC, you've inevitably dealt with the pressure of choosing the spot (SO MUCH PRESSURE!). Your choices have either made you a hero, or sent you home horny and alone.
There's a lot of pressure on you to make V-Day special - going out for a fancy dinner, going ice skating, laying rose petals on beds, finding a unique Valentine's Day gift. But the reality is often both parties in a relationship want nothing to do with that stuff.
Looking for an offbeat (but still heartfelt!) way to celebrate Valentine's? You could buy a classic heart-shaped box of chocolate...or you could always go check out an actual human heart!
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Ditch the sweatpants and turn off your TV: hibernation season is officially over. While we do enjoy cuddling with our loved
7. Pet a dog (or two). Not that you needed a reason to do this, but petting a dog (especially if you’re already a dog lover
If you're dating on this great Hallmark holiday, it is possible to find love while watching your wallet. Here are six clever ways to save money this Valentine's Day.
Opting to stay in when the weather is chilly doesn't have to mean ordering Chinese take-out and watching Scandal in your jammies (though, that is perfectly acceptable). If you want to turn up the heat, try these 5 ideas that will make a Saturday night in way better than going out on the town.
Take a break from wedding planning with your fiancé or enjoy newfound marital bliss with your husband with all of the activities that this season has to offer.
If you are looking for something fun to do with that special someone while not being out a months worth of rent, I have got just the suggestions for you. Read on for some unique (and cheap) date ideas for college students.
As the weather cools and we stand a little closer, there's no denying that autumn is the season when summer flings fall in love. It's time to break out that new wardrobe and hit the town (and country) with one of these romantic dates near San Francisco.
15. Turn Your Dining Room Into The Ultimate Game Show Where You Can Really Get To Know Your Friends (Ryan Seacrest Not Included
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It's cheesy, but that's what makes it a date night classic, right? Drive out to a clear sky away from the glare of city lights
"Dirty Dancing" Tear up the dance floor by taking a dance class together. Try something new, like salsa or swing. When you
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