Legislation requiring insurance and regular safety inspections for gun owners, just as car owner are required to maintain
Melanie Bishop's young adult novel My So-Called Ruined Life follows female protagonist Tate McCoy during her 17th year, one year after her mother's brutal murder, for which Tate's father is the prime suspect.
When a girl can't leave her house because she's so unhappy with her appearance, I would argue we have reached a whole new -- and systemic -- level of toxicity.
Watson's character is based on now 21-year-old new mom Alexis Neiers, whose legal trials and tribulations were documented
In February, after months of worry, the Binghams finally got a break. Lindsey had found an organ donor. (Watch the little
Against All Odds: Heart Transplant
"Dateline" is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special edition on Tuesday night. “I just saw it and it’s jaw-dropping
The stakes are high for a group of teenagers trying out for a fictional television quiz show called "Smart, Smarter, Smartest
I'm starting to suspect that the way my mom feels about Jimmy Carter is the way my generation feels about Ryan Gosling, but even that's not entirely true.
Dateline NBC reporter Chris Hansen is well-known for his hard-hitting reports on pedophiles, but he's getting attention for