The Netflix show's messy season proved the show is great TV — but it's bad for relationships.
"it needs to seem random or accident. or plant drugs, do not want a long investigation," Melody Sasser wrote, according to federal authorities.
"Some light internet stalking revealed photos of him with his soon-to-be ex-wife, who was equally gifted in the mammary department."
The Netflix series was absolutely horrific when it premiered last year, but it turns out the new franchise is far more bearable when men are not involved.
"Dating on vacation lacks the promise of longevity. Which raises the question — why do I do it?"
The “Sexiest Man Alive” got real about the mortifying time he was pushed “aside.”
The couple got engaged on the Netflix reality dating show but never made it to their wedding day.
Keaton previously said she hadn’t been on a date in decades.
The "Murder Mystery 2" actor says her co-star doesn't mince words when it comes to her love life.