dating abuse

Excessive affection from a new partner may be exciting at first, but the behavior can have consequences. Here's how it affects you.
Experts reveal some of the warning signs of emotional abuse that shouldn't be ignored.
The singer is speaking out about being "hurt emotionally" by Shia LaBeouf days after FKA twigs accused the actor of assault, battery and abuse.
Seeking a protective order or filing a police report can even increase the level of danger for a victim. It is important to remember, when dealing with domestic violence, every situation is unique.
In the young adult novel The Lost Marble Notebook of Forgotten Girl & Random Boy (Skyhorse), author Marie Jaskulka has written a book that is wholly original, explosive, fascinating and devastating.
During Game 2 of the playoff series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, the Cavaliers ran an ad depicting a man slamming his girlfriend to the ground when he saw she was wearing a Bulls T-shirt.
High-profile cases and serious accusations make headlines. The best way we, as a global community, can stand up for victims and show that sexual assault, rape and dating abuse are not tolerable is by preventing it in the first place.
Digital abuse and harassment threatens the psychological and physical well-being of many, many teen boyfriends and girlfriends every day. And the scariest part is that these kids rarely ask anyone for help, even their friends.