dating horror stories

Technological and cultural shifts have made online dating mainstream and have shed light on the frightening factors of dating the old-fashioned way. Still skeptical? Here are four reasons why online dating is less scary than meeting "in real life" and dating the traditional way.
It is one thing to endure the dark machismo of Tinder within the confines of your smartphone. It is quite another to encounter
6. "I met her father. I meant to say 'pleasure to meet you.' I ended up saying 'I am pleasure.' Ugh." 10. "I went to a Mexican
Don't tell me there's something about my eyes that has made you talk about the details of your sex life with your "ex"-wife and that you hope you haven't overshared.
I thought he was kidding. He wasn't." -glitterwhore666 Me: "..." -Sayul 4. "She said she was married, gluten-free, and vegan
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8. "Yeah, I get that a lot." -sunny_happy_things 14. "You're just not terribly important to me."-Imherewhatnow 4. "We need