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"These evil crimes have left entire families, a community and a nation in shock."
"People have asked me, 'Are you serious? Is this a joke?' And my only response is, 'I'm not even sure,'" Wolf told Mashable
In promotional videos for each site (watch below), a young liberal woman and a young conservative man are shocked and appalled
He also notes that the social nature of the service can make even bad dates fun. On a "Tandem," he says, "worst case is you're
With the deluge of online dating sites out there it's hard to know which -- if any -- is best equipped to help you find the
The relationship continued to grow until just after the couple's first year anniversary in October. That's when Jenn found a used condom in his bathroom.
Thank God! There is finally a dating website that will tell you which college has the hottest student body. Here are some
This Valentine's Day, go ahead and make use of the latest technology when looking for love. But do so with the realistic expectation that finding that special someone doesn't magically (or scientifically) get easier simply because you're online.
eHarmony may have 29 points of compatibility, but sometimes there's only one thing you really want from a partner... and