daughter in law

Author Young-ju Kim spoke to HuffPost Korea about breaking with tradition and putting herself first.
So I asked my coterie of friends for ideas on gifts to give a daughter-in-law. They didn't disappoint. And I added a few of my own.
Having a positive relationship with your in-law is not only necessary for well-being, but it is vital for each individual to have a functional relationship so they can enjoy the precious moments of family life and create positive memories that will bring happiness and teach the future generations positive behaviors.
"I really became a Neapolitan wife and mother (minus some of the cooking prowess!)" she tells me. "I became part of a family
To avoid setting yourself up for struggles with this new and important relationship -- on both sides of the in-law equation -- let me give you some things to think about that will help you start off on the right foot with your new in-law.
By trying to understand your mother-in-law and by showing her some compassion, you'll at least get a new perspective on her behavior and won't take her words so personally. In other words, her criticism won't affect you as much.
When your well-meaning comments meet with snippy replies, how do you deal with your daughter-in-law?
My long-time motto, to which I have, alas, failed to adhere, has always been "A closed mouth gathers no feet." Unfortunately, letting an opinion go unvoiced is not my strong suit.
Ever read any books on how to be the best mother-in-law possible? There is one rule repeated in every single chapter: Keep Your Mouth Shut. So what would mothers-in-law like their daughters-in-law to know if by chance they didn't keep their mouths shut? I asked around.