Daunte Wright

The white former officer convicted of manslaughter after fatally shooting the Black motorist in suburban Minneapolis in 2021 is set to be released from prison.
The tentative settlement also includes changes in police policies and training involving traffic stops like the one that resulted in Wright's death by former officer Kim Potter.
The former Minneapolis police officer is arguing that jurors were intimidated by the protests that followed and prejudiced by heavy pretrial publicity.
Wright’s family and attorneys angrily condemned Judge Regina Chu for going well below prosecutors’ recommendations.
Ex-cop Kim Potter, who killed Daunte Wright, has been sentenced to 24 months in prison.
The former Minnesota police officer was found guilty of manslaughter after she fatally shot Wright, an unarmed Black man, in April 2021.
In a court filing this week, prosecutors said a sentence of slightly more than seven years — which is the presumed penalty under the state’s guidelines ― would be proper.
Minneapolis police's killing of a 22-year-old Black man left people angry at a department widely criticized for its initial portrayal of George Floyd’s death.
The juror said no one felt Minnesota police officer Kim Potter was a racist or meant to kill Daunte Wright, but that doesn’t mean she was above the law.
The former Minnesota police officer will be sentenced in February.