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When Michigan can't ensure safe drinking water in a major city and can't figure out how to educate children in its biggest school district, it's safe to say that our state's vaunted "comeback" is incomplete.
"Homosexuals love little boys," the article also states. Agema has often made offensive and discriminatory remarks about
He said his stance on Muslims and homosexuals had been misunderstood, but still compared the dangers of the "homosexual lifestyle
Darren Littel, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party, told The Huffington Post the GOP supports a traditional
In a Facebook post Sunday, the Delta County Republican Party published a list condemning "the Republicans Who Have Blatantly Surrendered to the Homosexual and Stealth Jihad Agenda."
“The easiest thing for me would be to just bail out, but the harder decision was to say, ‘OK, I’m going to stay in because
In April, he compared homosexuality to alcoholism while speaking on a radio show. In March, he promoted an article on his
Days before Snyder's speech, former Rep. Dave Agema, a member of the Republican National Committee, posted an article on
At this point, former Michigan state Rep. Dave Agema (R) is known more for making inflammatory and controversial statements
Democratic U.S. Reps. Sander Levin and Gary Peters were among those who turned out to protest the homophobic comments made