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In a Facebook post Friday, the former Michigan state Representative wrote, "Families are the most important element in a
In a Facebook post Sunday, the Delta County Republican Party published a list condemning "the Republicans Who Have Blatantly Surrendered to the Homosexual and Stealth Jihad Agenda."
For some Michigan Republicans, their biggest enemies are members of their own party. "If you continue to stand behind those
The RNC did not immediately return a request for comment. A Republican National Committee official's anti-gay remarks last
Former Republican State Rep. Dave Agema has been getting a lot of press for his anti-gay comments. The good news is that even though the national party recently reaffirmed Agema's stance, many members of the GOP have nothing but criticism for it.
In March, Agema, a former state lawmaker, publicized an article on his personal Facebook page condemning the “filthy” lifestyle
By spreading lies about the "homosexual lifestyle," and by teaching kids, and especially vulnerable LGBT youth, that there's something sick, wrong or unnatural about being gay, folks like Rep. Dave Agema increase the suicide risk that they then turn around and use to justify their anti-gay rants.
“Agema’s hate must be condemned. There can be no room in the Republican tent for him,” Vorva added. Agema, whose comments
When pressed by WWMT on whether he agreed with the article's claim that gays and lesbians account for a high percentage of