dave grohl

Foo Fighters' lead singer Dave Grohl also invited his daughter Violet Grohl to perform onstage as the band tackled a set at Boston Calling on Friday.
“He wanted no glory for it,” California’s Hope the Mission said of the Foo Fighters frontman’s kind act.
The nearly six-hour tribute concert featured appearances by Paul McCartney, Travis Barker and Dave Chappelle.
Before drummer Dave Grohl hit the stage with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, he was a fan who idolized rockstars just like so many others.
The Foo Fighters frontman is standing by his opinion of the “Bad Guy” singer, which he’s elaborated on in the past.
“If you were sitting next to me... at dinner, I wouldn’t understand a f**king word you were saying to me,” the Foo Fighters frontman told Howard Stern.
The Foo Fighters frontman wore a tux cut down to there in his reworking of the karaoke classic for his "Hanukkah Sessions" series.
The former Beatle recently joked that Dave Grohl was “stalking” him career-wise, and Tuesday’s news only strengthens his case.
Social media users also shared concert videos of Kurt Cobain, Linkin Park and others jumping into action when they spotted fans in need.
Dave Grohl announced the band is starring in "Studio 666," a horror comedy about a haunted recording studio.