Dave Reichert

Any oil and gas development “stands to disrupt this fragile, critically important landscape,” the lawmakers wrote last month.
Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.) beat Democrat Jason Ritchie in the state's 8th District Tuesday. See below for more elections
The civilian police force and the military have fundamentally different missions. The military exists to subdue foreign enemies, while the police force's mission is to serve and protect their neighbors. However, the lines between the two are becoming blurred.
Reichert's bill wouldn't prevent somebody from withdrawing cash outside a weed store and then spending it on marijuana. In
Today is Women's Equality Day, which marks the 94th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that guaranteed women the right to vote. It was the culmination of a long struggle by generations of women who fought for equal access to the promise of the American Dream.
This past week, as I drove through Central Washington, I came face to face with the horrifying destruction caused by the wildfires currently raging through much of Washington State. The haze was so thick that it was difficult to see.
If we want to see comprehensive immigration reform become law, we must elect a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives this fall.
Too many people are hurt every day through deportation, through fear, and through gridlock. Yet Dave Reichert, a supposed moderate, refuses to stand up for the pro-business, pro-labor, pro-America immigration reform bill that is waiting before Congress.
The No Welfare for Weed Act would ban TANF benefits from being used at marijuana dispensaries. Strip clubs, liquor stores